What Does Getting Bullied Feel Like?

In this powerful new video, Operation Respect went straight to the experts themselves, the children, to talk about bullying. We asked them what it felt like to be bullied, and they told us about the pain, about their desire to do anything to make it stop—even acting like a bully themselves—and about their fear of coming to school or entering the lunchroom.  The children asked us to allow them to grow up in a friendly, caring, compassionate environment.

What Does Getting Bullied Feel Like?

They also shared their strategies for countering bullying. For instance, they can help the person being bullied get away from the situation, and be an “upstander”, standing up rather than standing by when they see bullying happening.

The children have told us that their hearts are broken like glass by bullying. Let us make our schools, our homes and our communities safe, caring, and respectful for all.

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