Professional Development


Changing the culture of a classroom and school takes time, patience, sustained effort, and support. Our goal is to equip teachers, school counselors, principals, and other educators who wish to implement Don't Laugh at Me (DLAM) with the necessary skills and confidence to launch the program successfully. Workshops are designed to offer participants: background on the innovative approach of the DLAM program; a detailed examination of program components and related teaching resources; hands-on experiences with multiple strategies for implementation and classroom infusion of DLAM; methods for the utilization of DLAM as a gateway program to comprehensive year-round social and emotional learning; and, assistance in developing school action plans for incorporating DLAM into existing efforts that meet the specific needs of individual schools.

DLAM is designed to help teachers and students create a respectful, compassionate and ridicule-free environment that nurture both the emotional/social and academic growth of students. The program integrates powerful video images and music with highly regarded conflict resolution curricula that help sensitize students to the painful effects of bullying, ridicule and other forms of disrespect - behaviors that frequently lie at the root of emotional and physical injury that children inflict upon one another. The programs are designed to inspire children to help take responsibility for making their class a "Ridicule Free Zone," and to give them the tools and techniques for preserving it.

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