On the Occasion of Teacher Appreciation Week, Operation Respect Says “Thank You!”

We could write all day about teacher appreciation – the ones who inspired each of us, the ones who nurture(ed) our own children, the ones we meet every day in the work we do.  We are grateful to them for their kindness, their passion about their work, their willingness to go far and beyond their job description for the children and young people they serve.  Today, we express our gratitude to teachers everywhere!

Teacher Appreciation WeekOur teacher appreciation extends to teachers like Angie Zobrak, kindergarten teacher, and so much more, at Vegas Verde Elementary School in Clark County, Nevada.  That’s Angie in the picture, dancing with her kids.  She is so caring for her children, so engaged in engaging them, so aware of how many ways there are that children learn, so connected to her colleagues, and so supportive of all that it takes to foster a positive school climate.  She has worked with a team at her school on our Operation Respect/Welcoming Schools Project and is part of group of trainers I think of as positive school climate activists, who share their practice and who work with colleagues at their school and other schools to build this movement.

Angie and her colleagues are leading the way for Clark County Schools to be a safe, respectful, compassionate learning community free of bullying, ridicule, and violence.   She’s special and, yet, also typical of the wonderful teachers we meet across the world.  Thank you, Angie!

By Mark Weiss, Operation Respect Education Director

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