Grateful for Kids Talking to Us About Bullying

Today we are grateful for each of the students who participated in our What Does Getting Bullied Feel Like? video. We are grateful for their courage, their honesty, their careful thinking, and their actions. We are grateful too for the educators and parents who welcomed us and gave us permission to ask some pretty tough questions of their children about bullying.

Kids Talk to Us About Bullying

We have chosen not to identify the school or the students in our video both for their privacy and to honor them as speaking for so many others who don’t have the chance to tell adults that their hearts break like glass when they see bullying; others who might also become a bully because someone expects them to be, but then change their minds when they realize it’s not what their mothers expect of them; others who have the courage to be “upstanders” and know that simply taking someone who is being targeted for bullying for a walk can make all the difference.

Despite the rumors, kids really are the greatest truth tellers. They don’t need scripts. They don’t need prompts or reminders or background music. When you ask them a good question, they just answer from the heart.

It’s time for us to listen.

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