Grateful for Operation Respect Partners and Leaders on the Ground

Partners and Leaders on the GroundOperation Respect is so grateful to all of the educators who strive every day to create safe, compassionate and respectful environments for children and youth. We know that it is essential to have partners and leaders on the ground creating and implementing a local vision to support the ongoing work of promoting positive school climate and culture. Today we would like to thank three very special organizers and leaders who provide a local context for our work in their respective communities: Elena Mischel, Cathy Tully and Arlene Berkman.

Elena Mischel serves as Operation Respect’s liaison in Israel between the Israeli Ministry of Education, the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Center for Educational Technology and Sheba Medical Center, all long-time partners and supporters of the “Don’t Laugh at Me” Program. Elena also coordinates much of our outreach to allies and friends throughout the region. We could not manage our work in Israel without you, Elena. Thank you for all of your support!

Cathy Tully is the School Climate Improvement Specialist at The Public Education Foundation in Clark County, the 5th largest school district in the United States. Cathy has coordinated our multi-year Operation Respect / Welcoming Schools Project, which has recently partnered with Teaching Tolerance. Cathy is the “go to” person on every level ensuring the highest quality work with the twenty-five Clark County schools and fourteen locally based trainers this current year. Thank you, Cathy, for all you do every day for the children and youth of Clark County!

Arlene Berkman, the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Respect Ability in Charlotte, North Carolina, made an important commitment to offer the “Don’t Laugh at Me” Program to local schools to extend and deepen the Foundation’s classroom-based music, songwriting and assembly presentations. For over five years, Arlene and her colleagues have successfully brought an anti-bullying, upstander message to schools and communities in Charlotte. Thank you, Arlene, for caring so much about the children and youth in your community. We know you have made a positive difference in their lives!

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