Reflecting on the Critical Need for “Hostility-Free Classrooms”

RespectOperation Respect Board Member Victor Kovner reflects on the critical need for schools to create “hostility-free classrooms.” Hate speech is a “serious problem for our society,” says Operation Respect board member Victor Kovner. One that he “loathes.” His close personal friendship with Operation Respect founder Peter Yarrow educated him to the important work of the organization in addressing the problem. His personal friendship with Yarrow also led him to serving as a member of the board.

“I share all of Peter’s values, and I appreciate the special qualities he brings to the world and the goals he established for Operation Respect,” Kovner said. “I’m very concerned about the problem of cyber bullying, and I appreciate that Operation Respect is devoted to, among other things, reducing hate speech in the classroom and at school and creating hostility-free classrooms. This program is ever-more important in today’s world.”

Kovner shared how greatly moved he is by the evaluations and feedback from educators who participate in Operation Respect’s professional development training. They share that Operation Respect is a “highly valued and treasured program” that helps educators create caring, compassionate, and safe learning environments for their students.

“Operation Respect is the very expression of hope, and I remain hopeful that we will fulfill that hope,” he said.

Victor Kovner is an attorney and partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP.





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