Grateful for Dedicated Principals

cropOperation Respect is grateful for the all of the dedicated principals who strive year-round to create more respectful, safe and compassionate climates of learning at schools throughout the country and the world.

This week we would like to thank Nicolas Merchant-Bleiberg, principal of VOYAGES Preparatory High School in Elmhurst, NY for his devotion to his students’ success. VOYAGES is a small, safe and supportive school that serves a unique population of students who have struggled to achieve academically and have significant barriers to graduation. Nicolas and the VOYAGES staff strive to help students graduate by providing individualized attention and support.

Nicolas is committed to building strong adult-student relationships that foster engagement in the school culture. Research shows that relationships in the learning environment—enabling students to know well, and be known well by, at least one adult in their school—leads to improved student outcomes in school.

In the fall of 2014, Nicolas enlisted Operation Respect to help restructure their advisory program, train advisors, co-develop their advisory curriculum, and consult with their leadership team to develop long-range strategies for improving their academic, social-emotional and post-secondary culture.

Over the past two school years, Nicholas reports that the partnership with Operation Respect has contributed to an increase in credit accumulation and an increase in PSAT, SAT, and college applications as well.

We are grateful to Nicholas for engaging Operation Respect in this important work and for his leadership in creating a culture in which students at VOYAGES may thrive and succeed academically and in their personal and professional lives as well.

VOYAGES: Viable Options for Young Adults to Grow, Excel and Succeed



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