Use Operation Respect’s “Don’t Laugh at Me” Lessons to Support ASCA’s College and Career Readiness Standards

“Don’t Laugh at Me” Lessons: A Recipe for Student Success (In and Out of School)

When you think about the types of professional educators needed to create safe, compassionate, and respectful learning environments for our children, who comes first to mind? For me, school counselors always rank near the top of my list. That’s likely due to the fact that I was a school counselor, so I know first-hand how important they are in helping classroom teachers and school-based administrators create the right conditions for success for each child.

teachpeaceSuccess, or rather, the recipe for it, was the theme of last month’s 2016 American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) Annual Conference in New Orleans. I love attending that annual conference because I’m surrounded by women and men from across the country who are sharing examples of all the good things they are doing in their schools to ensure that children achieve academically and are well prepared for success in life. I always leave feeling inspired by all the people who dedicate their lives to the education of children.

I was honored to conduct a workshop at the conference where I chose to showcase how well Operation Respect’s free, downloadable “Don’t Laugh at Me” lessons align with the ASCA’s Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success. (Here’s a quick crosswalk I created to showcase all the areas of alignment between the two.)

Live love. Teach peace. Fight unfairness.

That’s a mantra that I proudly use when talking about the work of Operation Respect, and which I also used during my ASCA presentation to highlight how school counselors, because of the role they play, have the unique capacity to lead this kind of messaging in our schools.  School counselors are true experts in social and emotional development and serve as resources in the relationship between personal growth (and all that helps and hinders it) and academic and career development, so they are best positioned to lead school-wide commitment to such a mantra.

During this back-to-school season, I want to invite school counselors to explore the many free resources we have on our site. We’ve tried to think of everything you’ll need from getting started to keeping the momentum going.

We are eager to hear your stories of success and struggle, your questions, and your ideas, so please stay in touch with us through our Facebook page, on Twitter, and through email.

Have a great school year, and on behalf of everyone at Operation Respect, thank you for all that you do to create safe, respectful, and compassionate learning environments!

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