Operation Respect: Program and Professional Development

Operation Respect: Program and Professional DevelopmentAs 2017 begins, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We hope that this year will be filled with joy, and renewed strength and energy to face the challenges we may confront in our work and in the schools where so many of us serve each day. We are so grateful for your dedication to creating safe and respectful environments for children and youth.

We know that it takes time, patience, sustained effort, and support to build a caring community and want you to know that we are here to help. Through our professional development offerings we strive to equip teachers, school counselors, principals, and other educators with the necessary skills and confidence they need to launch the Don’t Laugh at Me program, and other similar efforts, successfully.

Operation Respect offers many support services, including personal, professional coaching, and facilitation of the development of peer mediation programs, advisory programs, and restorative justice frameworks.

We also offer powerful songwriting workshops for students with Grammy-nominated songwriter Steve Seskin, who wrote our theme song, Don’t Laugh at Me, along with Alan Shamblin. Steve’s day-long process culminates with the performance of a song written by, and for, your students about their own experiences and beliefs around bullying, kindness, and friendship. Hayley Reardon, a young folk singer from Boston, who was named Bostonian of the Year in 2012 by the Boston Globe for her music, and efforts to use it as a means of youth empowerment, provides inspiring assembly programs perfect for a kickoff to your anti-bullying efforts.

Operation Respect’s professional development workshops and assemblies can help inspire and motivate you and your students to create a positive learning climate in your school and community. Always presented by experienced educators, we build our services around your strengths, your needs, and your goals.

Whether it is an inspirational keynote or assembly program to get you started, or a series of workshops to help you integrate Don’t Laugh at Me, or another initiative, into your current efforts, our staff and consultants are ready to work with you.

We know that schools and districts that are committed to establishing a respectful, safe and compassionate learning environment experience improvements in academic achievement, attendance, and staff retention while simultaneously reducing bullying, violence, and other behavioral issues.

Please email info@operationrespect.org or call 866-546-9291 to reach Elizabeth Kolodny, our Program Director, or Mark Weiss, our Education Director, and let us know how we can help you meet your goals.


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