Kid-Created, Operation Respect-Approved Anti-Bullying Efforts

Operation Respect and anti-bullying videosIf you ever doubt the return on investment of creating safe, supportive and bully-free learning environments for children, just take a few minutes to search online for kid-created anti-bullying videos. There are a lot of them and they show the real (reel?) power of engaging kids’ creative juices in the process!

To save you from falling down a rabbit hole of an internet search, we curated the following short list for you. We love these videos and the positive, empathetic and powerful messages they put forth!

  • “You look marvelous!” In 2011, 11th grader Jeremiah Anthony set up a Twitter account (@westhighbros) to combat cyberbullying by tweeting out sincere compliments to his fellow students. While the account is no longer active, it’s an amazing example of how an empathetic teenager used social media for good!
  • We all could use a good pep talk, especially one coming from Kid President! His video reminds us that we’re all on the same team—and that we can make each day better for each other.
  • Twelve-year-old Jonah Maxwell created this short film on bullying drawing from his own experiences of being bullied as well as examples provided by his friends and classmates. Maxwell dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker. Looks like he’s got a good head start toward realizing that life goal with this thoughtful, poignant and very well-executed project.
  • Hats off to whomever had the great sense to bring more than 70 Broadway/professional theater kids together to sing—in perfect harmony– an anti-bullying message! Watch out, cast of Hamilton!

What could your talented students create with some encouragement and support from you? We recently added Envision Kindness to our resources page because we like the way they integrate student films and photography into their efforts. Check out their site and keep your eyes open for a new video contest, rumor has it will be announced soon.

For inspiration and ideas, please visit our website for free, downloadable curriculum, resources, and more, We would love to feature your students’ creations on our website and on social media. Please share (with appropriate permissions of course!) by reaching us at



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