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Professional Development and Don't Laugh at MeOur last two blogposts have talked about school climate and culture and staying ready for negative incidents. Our Don’t Laugh at Me curriculum can be a part of that, and we also offer professional development services to help you build the school climate and culture you want.

While we know that Don’t Laugh at Me is an effective tool, and we have intentionally designed it to be as clear to use as possible, we also know that social and emotional learning programs are most effective when the climate and culture of the school, summer camp, or other youth-serving organization both supports and models the skills being taught. When the lessons match children’s experiences and observations of the adults around them, they learn to imitate even as they build the skills of empathy.

Building a caring community takes time, patience, sustained effort, and support. Our goal is to equip teachers, school counselors, principals, and other educators who wish to implement Don’t Laugh at Me and other related efforts with the necessary skills and confidence to launch the program successfully.

That’s why we offer professional development services to support your implementation. Whether it’s job-embedded training for teachers, personal leadership coaching for administrators, or songwriting workshops and assemblies for students, our goal is to build the necessary skills and confidence to build the school climate and culture you want! Since 1999, we’ve provided workshops, assemblies, professional coaching, and keynotes for some 45,000 educators across the world.

Sometimes you want and need some folks who have been doing this work in a variety of settings to support and strengthen your efforts along the way. We can do that. We look forward to being part of your planning process, supporting you through implementation, and helping you develop the leadership and teaching tools you need to make a difference in your setting.

Check out descriptions of some of our current professional development efforts here and let us know how we can support you by writing us at info@operationrespect.org.


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