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Operation Respect Launch in MexicoA New, Exciting Ally in Bullying Prevention

What an amazing week we had in Mexico City! Hosted by the Fundacion En Movimiento‘s extraordinary Director General, Trixia Valle, our Operation Respect Team attended a Facebook Summit on Cybersafety and we headlined the sold-out Education for Peace Concert with Peter Yarrow, Bethany and Rufus, and world-renowned singer Tania Libertad, at the 1,000 seat auditorium at the Colegio Anglo Mexicano de Cayoacan.

Chic Dambach and I were so excited to introduce the newly-translated Spanish version of our “Don’t Laugh at Me” curriculum to a workshop of 400 educators. Trixia and the Fundacion will use the curriculum as follow up to their bullying prevention presentations in schools which have been widespread and successful. Leading an interactive workshop with translation for 400 people was quite a challenge and turned out to be one of the most exhilarating facilitation experiences I’ve had over these past 15 years. When I asked toward the end, “what are the next steps for using this approach,” a number of participants responded with a commitment not only to share it in their schools, but to bring it into their families. At the end, 400 of us stood in a circle and cheered for our future together and for our work to make schools safe for every child. Our next steps are translating and recording all of our program music into Spanish.

A word about the Facebook Summit: I can tell you that Facebook is committed and has resources to help us all promote the positive use of social media. Facebook’s own mission has evolved from “giving people the power to share and connect” to “bringing people together and building community.” Peter Yarrow and I were so pleased to meet Antigone Davis, Head of Global Safety at Facebook, and we look forward to being in touch with her and to sharing all they have to offer with you.

I hope to see you on the front lines before long…

Please feel free to keep in touch. I love phone calls and e-mails: 646-567-6185 mweiss@operationrespect.org

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