A Message to the 2020 Graduates

Don’t dwell on what you thought would happen.
Don’t fear what may happen.
Be totally in the present and realize that today is the first day of the rest of your life and a precious opportunity to create and strategize a new beginning.
Let go of your previous expectations. You have a new blank slate. You have a life to create in an unknown world that truly needs you. In fact, now that you are outside of formal education,  you have more time to become aware of what needs to be done in the world and more time to envision and feel what you would really like to do and may have always wanted to do but thought was impossible. Now is the time to stop living your life for your resume  – and time to listen to yourself and to the world around you.
Embrace the change as a radical opportunity to create and go in a direction you never imagined – to be a steward of change – more important than continuing in a prescribed path responding to social pressure and convention.
Forget the ladder.
Possibilities – opportunities have been “thrust upon you”.
You will think of many excuses not to go forward. Accomplishment was never built on excuses.  And remember the greatest change makers and contributors often confronted “impossible” challenges which only increased their resilience and success.
We’re all in this unprecedented reality together and need as many new ideas as possible. You have unique insights and skills to share with our planet and to contribute to many important issues of our day.
It’s more of a risk to do nothing. What do you have to lose?
One person can change the world. If not you – then who? 
If the future is unknown, then the only control we have is the present.
Do what you really want NOW  – just one step at a time. The next steps will naturally follow.
Go out into the world and be the change you want to see.

Bon Voyage – and enjoy the journey.

Geri Critchley
Board Member / Operation Respect

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