3rd Grade Teacher - Burnet, Texas

Mary C. Kneese

I can already see a wonderful change in my classroom. My kids fell in love with the song and request...
Principal - Voyages Preparatory High School - Queens, Texas

Nicholas Merchant-Bleiberg

We wanted support to set up a new high school advisory structure, and we got exactly what we needed from...
7th Grade Student - New York, New York


When I was in fourth grade, a girl in my class turned all of my friends against me. I felt like I was the only one with these problems. When Peter Yarrow came and did the “Don’t Laugh at Me” concert…I realized that... READ MORE
Director of Democracy and Citizenship Education Center for Educational Technology - Tel Aviv, Israel

Myriam Darmoni Sharvit

We highly recommend Operation Respect as an organization that understands how to take the research on social and emotional learning...
Retired Executive Director - New York City Department of Education - New York, New York

Connie Cuttle

Operation Respect has made important contributions to hundreds of New York City public schools in ways which have made them...
Librarian - Omaha, Nebraska

Terrie Miller

I am amazed each time the video is watched, the impact it makes on the kids! The conversations generated around...
School Counselor - New Tazewell, Tennessee

Angela Barnard

“Don’t Laugh at Me” is one of, if not the most valuable tool in my box for character development, critical...
Principal - Gan Eden Iban Rashid Elementary School - Kfar Kassem, Israel

Ms. Iman Badir

This project reaches every pupil who sits behind a desk, in frustration, and thanks about revenge, now and in the future, revenge against the world that mocks, and does not accept him or her. This project heals the soul... READ MORE