Javier Francisco Diaz


Javier Francisco Diaz is a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he obtained his BA degree in Criminal Justice and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Since his introduction to ADR in the 1980s, he became a NYS Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA) certified bilingual mediator specializing in areas of Civil or Community disputes, Landlord and Tenant; Family Court, Victim/Offender Mediation; Human Rights Mediation, and Lemon Law Arbitrator.  The Conflict Resolution and Mediation expertise rapidly linked him to work as an educational consultant for New York City (NYC) Department of Education and presently facilitating The Respect For All and the Dignity Act initiatives and Restorative Practice/Justice.

He brings over two decades of experience establishing social and emotional and intellectual programs in NYC public schools. He has established countless Intellectual Dispute Resolution programs in public schools helping administrators, teachers, students, and their parents to embrace conflict as the catalyst for the development of stronger interpersonal relationships.  His experience in ADR/Conflict Resolution led Safe Horizon and The September 11th Fund to bring Javier Francisco to work at the Disaster Assistance Centers to build capacity and deal effectively with the conflicts and intense emotions presented by the victims and their families, helping them cope with trauma and crisis. Javier is currently an educational consultant for Operation Respect.