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IMG_4827aOur music is inspiring and when set to video it can be even more powerful and transformative.  On this page you will find versions of our theme song, “Don’t Laugh at Me,” from Peter, Paul and Mary, Peter Yarrow alone, Baby Jay, a positive hip hop artist, and the Voices of Peace, an Arab-Jewish-Christian Youth Choir.  You will also find program launch videos from our work in Israel, Palestine and Ukraine, and some very special clips from the Concert for Newtown and the Tribute to Teachers.

“Don’t Laugh at Me” Program Videos

Peter, Paul and Mary Don’t Laugh at Me Music Video

What Does Getting Bullied Feel Like?

Lift Us Up

Peter, Paul and Mary – If I Had A Hammer (1963 performance)

Baby Jay: Hip Hop Version of Don’t Laugh at Me Music Video

Operation Respect Outreach Video

Operation Respect: Israel Videos

Media Line Video: OR Inception in Israel

Operation Respect Launched in Israeli Schools
Israel 21 C coverage of Peter Yarrow, David Broza and Amal Murkus visiting Israeli Schools to Launch Don’t Laugh at Me

Don’t Laugh at Me Program Launch Coverage by the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

Voices of Peace (An Arab, Jewish, Christian Youth Choir) Singing Don’t Laugh at Me

Operation Respect: Palestine Video

Peter Yarrow and Mark Weiss in Bethlehem

A Slideshow of Photos from our work in Nablus

Operation Respect: Ukraine Videos

Don’t Laugh at Me Program Launch with Peace Corps,
U.S. Embassy, YMCA and Alternative-V
Kiev, Ukraine

Don’t Laugh at Me Program Launch
 Kiev, Ukraine Voice of America


Concert for Newtown: PBS Special

Tribute to Teachers (Rosie O’Donnell clip: 3 minutes)

CUNY Television: Eldridge & Co.

John Garamendi – Floor Speech on bullying