Beatriz Otero

Beatriz is president of Otero Strategy Group, an innovative consulting practice integrating education, health, human services, and community development supports, with a focus on socially responsible policy and practice. Prior to this, Ms. Otero was appointed and served for four years as Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services for the Government of the District of Columbia. She is also the founder of CentroNia, which began as a small child care center housed in a church and grew into an award winning educational and community development organization serving thousands of children, youth and their families in the Washington Metropolitan region. Along with her many years of local community service, Ms. Otero has a wide range of international experience ranging from disaster preparedness and humanitarian relief in Latin America with the American Red Cross and advising local governments in Europe on immigrant conflict. She has extensive experience formulating and executing policy related to early childhood education and community development.

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