Hayley Reardon


“You will know more, be more, feel more, see more than anyone will give you credit for” sings nineteen year old Boston based singer/songwriter, Hayley Reardon about midway through her sparkling new release, “Good.”

While offering a subtle pep-talk to the listener, Reardon simultaneously sums up herself and her humble approach to songwriting with this one lyric alone. The light in her voice, her lyrics, and her unique approach to both life and song has the uncanny ability to draw the listener inward to a place of truth, clarity and reflection.

This very phenomenon, in fact, is part of Reardon’s master plan. As a dedicated advocate for empowerment, Hayley has consciously and diligently worked to extend herself beyond the traditional singer/songwriter duties and merge her music with a movement to empower and inspire youth…specifically girls. Even without the workshops, speeches, and youth oriented performance programs, empowerment would be the cause and purpose that Reardon’s music lends itself to most naturally simply because she is who she is.

When asked in a radio interview of the greatest lesson she has learned through her years as both a singer/songwriter and an advocate and leader in teen empowerment, Reardon offered a simple, yet profound response; “vulnerability feeds vulnerability,” she said. “And what I’ve figured out,” she goes on, “is that somehow in learning to be vulnerable and express myself; to put words and power behind my own ideas, experiences, and emotions, I’ve been able to spark a flame in other people that reminds them that they too can do the same.”

That right there is the difference between the work of Hayley Reardon and the work of so many of today’s pop singer/songwriters. Her “brand” is that she is real, down to earth and most importantly that she wants everyone in the room to shine just as brightly as she does. On a mission far greater and more meaningful than accumulating Twitter followers, Hayley Reardon is not only sharing her light the world, she is hard at work uncovering, bringing forth, and supporting the light in those around her.

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